Blog Plurilingüe del IES Odón Betanzos Palacios

Blog Plurilingüe del IES Odón Betanzos Palacios
"Quien no conoce lenguas extranjeras nada sabe de la suya propia" (J.W. von Goethe)

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

Chinese Crisis.

            Chinese Crisis.

The young engineer Qiu Xuemei, excited by her first job, was attending a meeting about the reservoir that was going to be built.
...”here, we can see the small towns that’ll be flooded and destroyed”...
Suddenly, Qiu recognized her lovely village and remembered her sweet childhood.
Then, she stood up, and upset, shouted:
- Find another engineer!  China is dying!

It is based on a short story from the unpublished book “I Certamen de Microrrelatos Raposo”.
I've submitted it a minisaga contest in the EOI.
Minisaga: A short story with 50 words at most.

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